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Effective IT Management

Does your current IT provider have the time for you? Can it really provide custom solutions and immediate response time? If you're unsatisfied with your current solutions or service look to IT Efficiencies.

Managing your data and your technology can be a full-time job. Most businesses don't have the time or money to devote to a system that doesn't work right the first time and every time thereafter. 

Common issues include:

  • Internet or wi-fi dropouts
  • Loss of critical files
  • Uncertainty about data security, disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Malware and virus attacks
  • Poor communication from IT provider
  • Confusing or hidden costs

How is IT Efficiencies different?

We are a small company and we like being small enough to know all our clients personally.

We combine the personal touch and attitude with an expert level of technical knowledge. We love our work and we pride ourselves on finding the right solution (not the most expensive one) for our customers.

technology solutions

IT Efficiencies builds and services IT systems for small companies. We offer three frameworks to create and maintain your system. Each has its own pluses and minuses and we will help you find the solution that's right for you.


Data Center

Locating your IT systems at a data center is a popular solution for smaller companies looking to take advantage of the economies of scale seen with large commercial data centers. IT Efficiencies partners with several data centers that lease space for us to maintain and operate. Using a data center location takes the responsibility for utilities, climate control, backup power, connectivity, and even maintenance off your plate and converts it into a monthly fee. We run your system for you and you can use a mix of owned and leased equipment, depending on your specific needs.


Cloud Hosting

Virtualization and cloud hosting takes all of the hardware costs out of your hands and places virtual servers, data storage and other functions into the hands of a large cloud provider. Efficiencies and costs can be easier to manage, but as your demands for resources grow alongside your business, you may find that a cloud solution isn't exactly right for you. IT Efficiencies works with major cloud infrastructure providers. We configure your virtual servers, install software and maintain the entire system. Updates, encryption and data security are handled by us as well.


Network Infrastructure

If you need a server and IT system that is located on your own site, we can build, configure, and operate it for you. We operate as if we were your own IT department, providing on-site personnel when necessary to maintain and operate it. This type of IT system is particularly of interest to businesses that need to protect data, because the entire system is located within your own facility. IT Efficiencies provides the designs, hardware, software, and connectivity. We handle all maintenance, upgrades and user access and control. We assure that your system works as intended and also provide backup power, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions.

IT Services

Our team of experts at IT Efficiencies provides IT services that match the large providers in quality, but offer the attention to detail and dedication of a smaller provider.

Our team has the extensive knowledge and technical experience to help design, implement, manage, and maintain complex IT systems. We realize the importance of using technology to enable business, not get in the way of it. So, we are here to offer several ways to maximize your technical investment.

Offload your entire IT system onto IT Efficiencies in the form of a full service IT contract. We are responsible for all hardware expenses and operation and maintenance. Our services include security monitoring, antivirus, patch management, data recovery, and backup. IT Efficiencies services become an extension of your IT systems department, proactively monitoring infrastructure and fixing faults at no additional cost. This results in less downtime, a more reliable network, and predictable costs.

Hardware as a Service

For our more technically minded customers -- such as software development firms -- we provide necessary hardware and system components to serve your network and leave the provisioning and software configuration to you. Let us handle equipment replacement,  upgrades, storage or decommissioning of components while you manage the system. This program applies to both server-side infrastructure and local clients such as laptops, wireless access points, and printers. We also offer communications and presentation equipment that can be professionally installed and maintained while you provide the software.

Infrastructure Build-Out

IT Efficiencies has experience in all stages of IT infrastructure, from designing and building systems to building server racks and pulling cable. Our personnel are trained, certified, and professional. They can handle any size job, from adding a network port to cabling and updating an entire building's IT system. 

Security Assessment

IT security is of vital importance for any business that handles customer data. At IT Efficiencies, we are committed to bringing robust network security and best practices to all of our customers. We perform security assessments and a full audit of your company policies, business practices and your IT infrastructure to find what data controls are in place and how they work to secure your operations.

Our Company

IT Efficiencies has been serving small business firms with specific custom IT needs for years.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their unique business requirements and apply best practices to the design, implementation, support, and management of their technology investment.

We help keep your systems functioning, up-to-date, and secure while offering our expertise to solve any problem that comes along. With full deployment of on-site, data center, or virtual networking, we can deliver an unparalleled business relationship. We take the time to understand how technology supports and impacts your business models and offer our experience and knowledge to maintain optimal performance. By maximizing your technology, you can serve your customers more effectively and make a better return on your investment.

We are a small company and we like being small enough to know all our clients personally. We combine the personal touch and attitude with an expert level of technical knowledge. We love our work and we pride ourselves on finding the right solution (not the most expensive one) for our customers.

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"IT Efficiencies worked within my budget to implement a network infrastructure that effectively supports each of my departments."

— Meredith Ward, Small Business Owner